Wall Panel (Enclosures)

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Due to their outstanding thermal properties, Wall Panels are 35 times more insulating than an equivalent concrete thickness, and about 28 times more insulating than a block wall, causing a significant decrease in operating costs of thermal conditioning systems and, additionally, lower initial investment in equipment because of the consequent reduction of required capacity.

The system includes a number of accessories that maintains together all fixtures and fittings, providing full inscrutability between spaces, and avoiding insect and all kind of vectors penetration, ensuring optimal conditions of hygiene and sanitation.

Joints between panels are handled through the latching system which each panel has by its side. This ensures a constant surface all along the roof. It is also possible the use of aluminum extrusion `H´ type profiles, on both sides.

Details of the product

Wall Panel (Enclosures) - Details of the product

Cold stores, refrigeration buildings (turnkey), Workshops, Portable offices, Warehouses (turnkey), Refrigerated Doors, Swimming Pools, Gyms, Thermal vans, etc.


Wall Panel (Enclosures) - Applications

Wall Panel (Enclosures) - Applications

Wall Panel (Enclosures) - Applications