About Us

Acier Argentina is a metallurgical company which produces self-supporting, thermal, sandwich panels with both sides made of pre-painted steel sheet and; core made of expanded polystyrene, injected polyurethane or mineral wool, which is used for constructions of warehouses, cold stores, laboratories and housing, apart from other implementations. The product is used for external cladding, internal partitions, ceilings and other watertight decks.

A dry construction method is used, which brings many benefits regarding installation time and work execution. Its self-supporting properties provide savings as regards the needed support structure. Furthermore, its high levels of insulation are the ideal partner for energy saving.

The production system is a continuous process which, automatically and based on pre-painted iron coils, pastes, shapes and cuts panels as needed.

In turn, all accessories which complete the building system are supplied. Accessories such us profiles, sealers and screws; as well as doors and thermal doors.

Alternatively, and upon customer request, the company provides the assembly and installation; bringing at least, a turnkey product.

Acier Argentina - About Us

At the beginning, when owners found in the panel the ideal complement for the construction of those metallic structures they used to make, Acier Argentina grew as a project which, since then, has provided panels to countless works and companies. Some works which can be noted as emblematic and historical are: La Rural, el Minister Pistarini International Airport, CENARD (Professional Training Center), Molinos Rio de la Plata; and more recent and currently being run: the cultural center “Ciudad Joven”.

Ours is a thriving company which is focused on the complete satisfaction of our clients: underpinning us in product quality; meeting delivery deadlines agreed; providing warm service and technical advice which, together with a post-sale service, make the best option when it comes to projects developing.

Acier Argentina - About Us